Contact-less delivery, is it the future of delivery for food and goods?

Contact-less delivery
Contact-less delivery and shopping has become a key marketing message for a lot of retailers and fast food chains such as Mcdonalds, Subway, KFC and even 13Cab were promoting their contact-less delivery by using their drivers.

Contact-less means that the products, goods, or food are not handled by direct contact of the staff. It could also mean you do not need to be in physical contact (face-to-face) of the delivery person / staff. Obviously there is still the possibility that some part of the process could still be contacted but the likelihood of being contacted with bare hands are drastically reduced, which in turns reduces the possibility of passing on the infection should the staff be infected.

Is this opening a new trend of how the goods and food being transported and delivered in the future (post-COVID19)? In general, people will be more aware of how their food and goods are delivered. There could be other infections / viruses which may not be as deadly as COVID but they can still pose health concerns to the consumers.

Is it a catalyst to increase the adoption of the next generation of AI technology which facilitates autonomous delivery? In Japan, they have sushi making machines. In the US, they have pizza delivery self-driving cars that were being trialled. What's the next innovation that truly provides a perfect use case and allows our post-COVID19 era to adopt?

COVID19 has literally destroyed the commercial passenger transportation market overnight. No doubt about that it will recover and come back. The future market will look very different, and all the transport providers have to adopt the new norm and new world to make it a better, safer and less-connected world. Being Contactless will be one of the key considerations on how to flourish in the new market. So prepare, plan and innovate is the key to survive or in this case, resurrect.

How can private chartering prevent infection for companies

How can private chartering prevent infection for companies
Coronavirus / COVID-19 is causing a huge impact to a lot of companies. One of the best way to prevent your staff from being infected is to provide them a private chartering transportation / shuttle to work during this crisis. Below are some of the benefit:

1. Hygiene and environment

A lot of private chartering companies carry out intensive sanitization and cleaning of their vehicles, which are extremely important to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Ventilation

Many private shuttles have windows that can be opened if needed. This again can provide better ventilation comparing to a lot of other transportation which are powered by central ventilation system.

3. Passengers

Knowing whom you are travelling with is a safer option to avoid the spread of virus.

4. Control

With private chartering, you can have better control how, when, who can travel. This can help lower the risk.

5. Healh and well-being

In a crisis situation, your staff will be in stressful condition. If you can provide a transportation that is more affordable but still provide a better experience and comfort, it will certainly help boost the moral and productivity.

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